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Thank You Nassau!

Menagerie Productions presents Circus International in partnership with the Rotary Club of East Nassau, May 17-19 at the Kendal Isaacs Gym

Bring the whole family to Nassau’s most thrilling event of the year. Fun for all ages and animal free, Circus International is a 1.5 hour spectacle of acrobatics, aerialists, live music and death defying stunts. You won’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime event supporting the charities of The Rotary Club of East Nassau.

Acts include:

Disa Carneol: death-defying swinging trapeze, Kallie Marcus: Bermuda’s aerial star, The
Arestovs: world renowned juggling duo from Ukraine, Ricky Valencia: wheel of danger and
Coco the Clown: Argentina’s most famous funny man.

About Us

Who We Are

Montana DeBor and Facundo Kramer have a lifetime of experience in entertainment. Montana is a classically trained musician, composer and a multi-generation Rotarian (district 7610).

Facundo is a 6th-generation circus artist, director and producer.

After working for a multitude of entertainment companies from around the world they have combined their skills and experience to create Menagerie; a production company designed to bring together the most prestigious variety acts from around the globe to give back to charitable organizations.

Menagerie Productions strives to inspire and create lifelong memories for international communities.

Some of their previous partners include Clowns Without Borders, Make-A-Wish, and Boys-And-Girls Clubs.

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